Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lead a Happy Life

You ever wonder why so many people today are unhappy? Unhappy with their life, their jobs, their relationships, just unhappy overall. How can we lead a happy life an have a smile a day, everyday? Live courageously an be proud of who we are an what we do as human beings. Well I am going to share with you my story an how I lived with depression in my twenties, well into my early thirties an how you can stop depression in its tracks an live the life you were meant to live. I was twenty-four an just came back from Puerto Rico. I graduated from college studying in Liberal Arts an didn't quite finish but was allowed to walk with the other graduates until I completed my courses. After graduation like most graduates who actually get their degrees can't seem to land a job in their field of study, I was just trying to get a job an might I add I had many but didn't last very long,but one. An it was a little too long if you ask me until the point where I thought I was destined for it. I got an job as HHA an home health aid, now I'm not trying to say this is a job no one should do or belittle anyone who does the job because I was one over eight years off an on an than consistently,but what I am trying to say is this job wasn't for me. An how did I know this? When a person wakes up in the morning dreading the idea of going to work that is a sign th job is not for you, career or what ever it is that is stagnating you from exceling in life. I know you probably thinking you could have work anywhere an I have but this job, any job in the health care is job that never dies cause everyday someone falls sick an need someone to depend one.      I bought value to other people lives which is a good thing an made them happy but I certaintely wasn't happy because it wasn't my calling. The job was dreadful serving others in my honest opinion it made me physically sick at times an when I tried to back out of it their was always some perk my job added to keep me a slave to the job. Now I'm a writer maybe not the best but writing keeps me going, makes me happy an alive. It's freedom of expression. I had my job as HHA to some people because I didn't enjoy it an most people such as family an friends knew I was a writer an didn't understand why I wasn't writing to begin with. I'm sharing this information with you an for those who are where I been to take a giant leap of faith. Don't be afraid of change or failure.
      Don't continue to be happy an live in a depressing state, if your determine to be happy chase dreams use your God-giving skills to help someone an help yourself to keep a smile a day on your face everyday.