Sunday, June 26, 2016

Are you making your dream a reality?

 Live abundantly and not investing your time in something that excites you everyday is not living out your dreams.  Sometimes doing other activities that does not interest you or makes you unhappy can drain your energy an prevent you from actually doing something you really enjoy doing. Inspire yourself to live your dream life. No more excuses, because we all have so many excuses that prevent us from doing the things we love, that makes wake up every morning feeling alive and not miserable.  I mention in my very first post "Leading a happy life" how I wasted precious years serving other people when inside I was becoming sick everyday because I was unhappy. Now there's nothing wrong with helping others but sometimes you have to help yourself first, find yourself and your purpose in life to even attempt to help others.

Soon as I started blogging I felt a feeling of relief, a burden that was finally lifted off me. Although I haven't completely devoted all my time to blogging and still working a nine to five, I know it won't be hard to leave my job because I know writing makes me happy and others happy. It makes me feel good when someone's says my posts are inspirational to them because ultimately that's what I want my readers to feel. To feel motivated, fulfilled and not afraid to try something new or something different and to know failing is apart of life. Once you understand that, you will have no problem living out your dreams. Making your dream a reality should take no effort at all because it's something you enjoy doing. It shouldn't make you feel miserable or have feelings of doubt.

So are you making your dream a reality? Or are you playing it safe? Are you dedicating most of your energy and time towards something just to pay the bills and just to put food on your table. If you are, the bills will be here when we die and there is a nearest pantry in everyone's neighborhood who gives away free food. Thus far, making it very easy for us to spend most of our time fulfilling our dreams.

I'm in the same boat just as your. I'm writing for me and you. Each day and little by little I'm slowly but surely spending less an less time at work and more time writing. So I understand it's a little hard an scary to leave something we have been brainwashed to do to maintain what they call a "satisfying life". A satisfying life is when you start living, only than it's not a dream anymore. Here are some ways to start living your dreams.

1.  Let go of FEAR. Fear of being broke, Fear of what people will say and Fear of starting over.

2.  Be who you really are, be your authentic self .

3.  Believe Believe Believe.

Letting go of fear will allow yourself to make your dream a reality, letting go of fear period is the best way to live your life. Fear of being broke is the number one reason people stay at their 9 to 5 jobs, having that security is a necessity of life. To me it's not really being secure, it's playing it safe because  you feel their is nothing better out there to accomplish or to see. Fear of what people will say is another reason to dismiss that inner voice of yours to become something you were destined to become. People will talk regardless, if your doing good or bad. People will talk if your doing something productive or not. So it makes sense to do what you want when you want if it's not hurting anyone and initially makes you happy in the end. Fear of starting over is somewhere along the lines of having the fear of being broke. For some people starting over is starting from square one. All the work they done over the years was useless.

Are you making your dream a reality? You are if you are being who your really are as individual. If you're being authentic and not pretending to be someone your not. How else would you live out your dreams. Everyone have their own dreams an fulfillment in life, their own aspiration. No one is the same an pursue the same passions. Declare who you are an live it!

Believe Believe Believe in yourself. Believe in yourself when no one else will. Trust yourself an trust the gift you were given. You can't depend on someone else to live out your dreams. People will have their feelings and thoughts on why you shouldn't make your dream and your aspirations a reality. To some it may sound far-fetched, unreal and scary. Until you realize yourself that it's not than others may be inspired to live out their dreams as well. So what are you waiting for, are you making your dream a reality?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Is jealousy really worth it? Or your happiness?

     I don't know how many times we as humans feel jealousy in our lives. That "greened eyed monster" that can consume our bodies an eat us up like a disease. Who wants to constantly feel that pressure, that constant envy in our lives. Some people experience jealously heavily an others not so much and some not at all. In any case, it's not a pleasant feeling to have.  I've come to realize jealousy come from numerous reasons an it can be conquered to live a content an satisfying life.  Just know that everyone is unique, with their own ability to be different. Comparing is the number one culprit of jealousy. So whats the solution to that problem?

      1.  Less comparing an more working on yourself.

      2.  Accept yourself as is.

      3.  Love yourself more.

     4.   If you're not happy with your life don't live through someone else's, make yours exceptional!

   Don't be afraid to find out the real you. Some people are afraid to discover something wonderful about themselves, like I was. Jealousy will make you think your less than someone else, that you can't do any better when you can do better, plus more. Just two months ago I realize how extremely smart I am, not to sound arrogant. I just know I'm intelligent enough to provide something valuable to your, something that would make you think twice about your current situation. Might I add I'm not perfect, I'm growing everyday as I write everyday. That include not getting jealous anymore, because I know what I'm capable of and who I am as an individual, so should YOU. Jealousy can make you feel and think something that's not even happening. Initially, your programming your mind to think something you shouldn't,

  I use to get jealous over a boyfriend having female friends when at the end of the day he was with me. So why am I getting jealous when he chose to be with me and why am I getting jealous over his friends. What's wrong with having friends? If he/ or she is mature enough they ultimately will make a wise decision. An that is to be with the one they chose to be with from the beginning. YOU!  Check out,  Alienation also happens a lot when your feeling jealous of someone else happiness. It will make you think long an hard about your own life and what you think you're doing wrong. I feel sometimes being around someone who has more an want more is great to surround yourself with because it motivates you to excel. I mention something similar to this in a previous article of mines. " Finding your passion" just remember just because something is working out great for some else do not mean it will for you. Be exceptional at what you do and have them thinking WOW! How can I get there.

 Sometimes having too many friends can create envy as well. That feeling of not having what your friend or even a family member have that you want. Don't worry about how that person got it, you worry about how you can get it, if that's what you really want. Be a go-getter in life! don't let fear paralyze you. You're  just as good as them, probably better. I have friends who enjoyed my company an I couldn't seem to understand why. I really felt like I had nothing to offer but that I was always there to hang out. Yes, I am carefree, spontaneous and used to be a daredevil  so that help. Come to find out I was great at giving advice as well.

 I was providing something to them, helping them go through life everyday. I didn't think it was good enough but to them it was because they always came back for more. So what I'm trying to get at here, is that you are important and your needed more than you account yourself  for. You have something that no on else has and that's being YOU. Don't think twice about if your good enough, know that you are good enough! No need to feel jealous over any one anymore. Be your own person even if it takes lots of mental work to convince yourself you are. Eventually you will believe you are.

  Be happy with yourself and accept yourself as is. Most importantly stay humble and jealousy can be a little tick than can easily be removed.. I hope I put a smile on your face today because you are uniquely YOU.    Hope to hear from you, leave comments or questions.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

How To Make Every Day Count

    How many times we heard " there's not enough time in the day"? All of us I'm assuming. If only we can find the time to do this an that and complete this project, we be a little happier. To appreciate the amazing gift of today. By living the way we want and not by how others want us to live. We all have a purpose in life and once we embrace our own purpose in life we can change the lives around us. Adding value to someone else life is deeply satisfying an purpose-driven. That's making every day count, every hour, and every minute of our lives.

  I don't know about your, but time is so precious to me. How we spend our days is important because we can't get that time back. Making time for our love ones, our commitment to our jobs and finding time for ourselves can be a bit much. Balance is important in order to make time for all. Here is some of the ways I try to make every day count.

      I pray every morning, write or exercise. As a matter of fact do what ever it is that you do that gets your day started in a positive, influential way. Make contact with your family if you live with them or without them.  Let them know how much you love them, your actions mean everything.  Let them know you're thinking of them. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about- Wendy Mass. This is so important in life, we as people are so quick to judge especially for what we see on the outside. I guess it's human nature but it's not serving your purpose in life by judging or is it counting your blessings. Getting to know a person and their struggles before judging is actually helping that person in a meaningful way.

  Our biggest enemy for some is getting through the work day. How do we count our blessing and make every day count when we dread going to work? We'll for one, think about those who can't get up and out there beds on their own to go to work. Some people are dependant on others to help. They wish they can go to work, enjoy the sun, the rain, and the snow as much as we can. When I think of life in that way I do less complaining and be extra thankful.

  Lastly, an most important is finding time for ourselves. Neglecting yourself is the worse you can do for yourself an everyone else around you. You can't find time to help someone without helping yourself first.

      1.  Do what makes you feel good, like relaxing at the spa

     2.   Ride a bike alone or with a friend, to connect

     3.   Take a weekend get away if time permits an take it alone. Recommended for both men an women.

  It's essential to reconnect with your self. Making every day count is all about taking care yourself first to be able to help another. You made time for yourself, your family and you appreciate the things some people can't do like going to work an doing what makes you happy. I hope this post helps in every way possible as much as it helped me writing it. Remember, it only takes a smile a day to bring life to someone else's.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Finding your passion

     Finding your passion is not very hard, it's simply what you enjoy doing the most. It's what you do the best! What motivates you and make you feel alive is your passion.  Unfortunately, what we do on the day to day basis for some people is not our passion, it's something we have to do to pay our bills. But how can we find our passion and monetize it as well? So that our passion can be our escape from society. Well whatever people compliment you on the most is your passion because they feel that's what you do best. At the end of the day your passion fulfills your life and others. It's when you make the decision to be happy and broke for a while rather than being wealthy and miserable. An it's insanely possible to be wealthy and miserable. People have an abundance of money, yet still are unhappy.

    Some people enjoy being wealthy and miserable or should I say comfortable an miserable. Going to there undesirable jobs making enough or more money to cover their living expenses, but are they happy? I guess they are when the week is done an they receive their pay checks.  On the other hand, some people dedicated their entire time on their passion and don't bring in much income, but to them they are happy and fulfilled. To them they are rich in a sense that they know one day all their work will pay off an bring in an abundance of wealth, unlimited wealth.  Once you find your purpose in life you will want to dedicated most of your time and energy trying to perfect it so that it can benefit you an others. So who are you meant to be? What is your destiny? What drives you to move forward?

  For a long time I knew what I was meant to do. I envision myself as a writer one day I just never water the seed enough to grow. I did these 9-5 jobs that pay me for the day and I didn't feel complete as a person, something was missing. I knew it was a possibility that I can get laid off, fired or fall sick an I won't be getting paid indefinitely. Now your passion is what pays you indefinitely if you work at it, love what you're doing and share it with the world. It feels good to have something you can call your own. Just knowing that it's your decision to fire yourself from your job, take a vacation, come and go as you please or continue to create value.  Unfortunately, we do not have enough time to work towards our passion and work full time. It's either you work part time an dedicate most of your energy working towards your dreams  or the other way around, if you prefer the conventional way of earning money.

  I never want to work again like most other people, but under different circumstances it's a necessity in life or is it really? Like in everything else we have been programmed to think working is the only way to get ahead, to succeed, travel and live life to the fullest. On the contrary, living life is having the freedom to do all those things without working more than we suppose to. Be inspired to change an take risk!

  Your hopes and dreams  is your passion, what you think of first thing In the morning. What pushes you through the day, what you spend the most time on without looking at your clock every hour is your passion. That's what you should be doing everyday, all day in order to be fulfilled. Remember, some people may go against you if you start investing more time in your dreams. They may try an deter you but it's up to you to stay focus. What do you?

Friday, June 3, 2016

Official Summer

    Summer is officially here, that only mean bright colors an clear blue waters. It's the time of year to do what we said where going to do but couldn't in the winter. To finally reach higher heights in our lives an accomplish those goals,at the same time still have fun in the sun.
         I don't know about your but I have a lot to accomplish that's been put off for some years now. Yes! Due to laziness an procrastinating.  Something I have to change immediately, probably many of us. Most people live in the now stages, you know "living in the moment" so much to the point where nothing gets done. I can definitely vouch for that. I find that setting a routine in the morning actually does work an maybe it will work for you if not already. So here is my helpful tips for you. Let's accomplish those goals together.

 Read something positive every morning.

Reading something positive or watching something enlightening. Eliminate the tube early in the morning, the news is depressing an can dampen the spirit without us realizing it. It is design to deplete our energy before our day even starts.

.  Light stretching in the morning is helpful. It's providing openness an blood circulation before facing the day. Sometimes working out alone can be boring so involving someone else can be enjoyable an more fulfilling.

. Have breakfast that's going to provide energy for the start of your day an not give you a crash within the next hour.

Take brisk walks to work instead of transportation.

 We wake up with the feeling of not going into work, so walking is a good start to getting your energy up. The whole point is to prevent feeling lazy an stop procrastinating, an mild exercising is the answer.
. Power walking during midday is excellent

. Hitting the gym during your lunch break is another option. I have a cousin who spends her lunch breaks in the gym an she feels motivated to finish her day at work. Hey girlie!

 Be productive...

When we get into the routine of things, that is being productive. It's setting a foundation for the day.
It's not multi-tasking which can sometimes prevent us from completing one task first. If we can focus on one job first than move on to the next project, 80% of what we said we would do, be done.

.  Create a list, a short list. I say a short list because writing down a long list never gets completed for a number of reasons.
 A. Long lists is like multi- tasking, when we get frustrated on one task we jump to the next instead of trying to just focus, take a break, an get the job done.
 B. When writing a long list most people give up all together an don't even finish. They are burn-out. Many of times I created a long list an said " this is what I'm going to do" an never attempt to complete what I said I would, an back to square again.  So create a short productive!

Upgrade your circle of friends

Some may take an offense to this an others may not but the whole purpose of blogging is to be truthful an helpful. Like the old saying " you are what you eat" same thing goes for the company you keep. Personally I have people in my life who did nothing for me an that's partially my fault an than I have friends I can't even keep up with, an this motivates me to step up my game. It's entirely up to you who you surround yourself with, I would never disowned any of them after so long but I would limit my time with them instead.

.  Sometimes friends can be an distraction, how you suppose to accomplish anything when your friends interrupt your life to hang out constantly, or to follow their dreams. Don't you have dreams of your own? Don't you have your own life to live? An I'm just realizing this after 35 years on this earth. Let me rephrase that, I been was living my own life but I was living out others people dreams more than my own or at least I was trying to.

A.  Be who you are an live for yourself that's the only way to be productive as an individual. People have different schedules, different circumstances going on that requires a different lifestyle entirely. So focus on YOU!

B.  Try not to "keep up with the joneses" Pretending or trying to have something you don't can really hurt you an your pockets, if you know what I mean; but upgrading your friends from the circle you normally hang with wouldn't hurt either. That's one of the ways you can learn an grow, meet new people an see new things.

5. Now Happier an Fullfilled

I think we can now say once we accomplished what we put off for so long, we can relax an enjoy the summer officially with our friends, an possible new friends because it's that time of year to keep a smile on our face an live a simpler life. Do you agree?