Sunday, June 26, 2016

Are you making your dream a reality?

 Live abundantly and not investing your time in something that excites you everyday is not living out your dreams.  Sometimes doing other activities that does not interest you or makes you unhappy can drain your energy an prevent you from actually doing something you really enjoy doing. Inspire yourself to live your dream life. No more excuses, because we all have so many excuses that prevent us from doing the things we love, that makes wake up every morning feeling alive and not miserable.  I mention in my very first post "Leading a happy life" how I wasted precious years serving other people when inside I was becoming sick everyday because I was unhappy. Now there's nothing wrong with helping others but sometimes you have to help yourself first, find yourself and your purpose in life to even attempt to help others.

Soon as I started blogging I felt a feeling of relief, a burden that was finally lifted off me. Although I haven't completely devoted all my time to blogging and still working a nine to five, I know it won't be hard to leave my job because I know writing makes me happy and others happy. It makes me feel good when someone's says my posts are inspirational to them because ultimately that's what I want my readers to feel. To feel motivated, fulfilled and not afraid to try something new or something different and to know failing is apart of life. Once you understand that, you will have no problem living out your dreams. Making your dream a reality should take no effort at all because it's something you enjoy doing. It shouldn't make you feel miserable or have feelings of doubt.

So are you making your dream a reality? Or are you playing it safe? Are you dedicating most of your energy and time towards something just to pay the bills and just to put food on your table. If you are, the bills will be here when we die and there is a nearest pantry in everyone's neighborhood who gives away free food. Thus far, making it very easy for us to spend most of our time fulfilling our dreams.

I'm in the same boat just as your. I'm writing for me and you. Each day and little by little I'm slowly but surely spending less an less time at work and more time writing. So I understand it's a little hard an scary to leave something we have been brainwashed to do to maintain what they call a "satisfying life". A satisfying life is when you start living, only than it's not a dream anymore. Here are some ways to start living your dreams.

1.  Let go of FEAR. Fear of being broke, Fear of what people will say and Fear of starting over.

2.  Be who you really are, be your authentic self .

3.  Believe Believe Believe.

Letting go of fear will allow yourself to make your dream a reality, letting go of fear period is the best way to live your life. Fear of being broke is the number one reason people stay at their 9 to 5 jobs, having that security is a necessity of life. To me it's not really being secure, it's playing it safe because  you feel their is nothing better out there to accomplish or to see. Fear of what people will say is another reason to dismiss that inner voice of yours to become something you were destined to become. People will talk regardless, if your doing good or bad. People will talk if your doing something productive or not. So it makes sense to do what you want when you want if it's not hurting anyone and initially makes you happy in the end. Fear of starting over is somewhere along the lines of having the fear of being broke. For some people starting over is starting from square one. All the work they done over the years was useless.

Are you making your dream a reality? You are if you are being who your really are as individual. If you're being authentic and not pretending to be someone your not. How else would you live out your dreams. Everyone have their own dreams an fulfillment in life, their own aspiration. No one is the same an pursue the same passions. Declare who you are an live it!

Believe Believe Believe in yourself. Believe in yourself when no one else will. Trust yourself an trust the gift you were given. You can't depend on someone else to live out your dreams. People will have their feelings and thoughts on why you shouldn't make your dream and your aspirations a reality. To some it may sound far-fetched, unreal and scary. Until you realize yourself that it's not than others may be inspired to live out their dreams as well. So what are you waiting for, are you making your dream a reality?

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