Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Finding your passion

     Finding your passion is not very hard, it's simply what you enjoy doing the most. It's what you do the best! What motivates you and make you feel alive is your passion.  Unfortunately, what we do on the day to day basis for some people is not our passion, it's something we have to do to pay our bills. But how can we find our passion and monetize it as well? So that our passion can be our escape from society. Well whatever people compliment you on the most is your passion because they feel that's what you do best. At the end of the day your passion fulfills your life and others. It's when you make the decision to be happy and broke for a while rather than being wealthy and miserable. An it's insanely possible to be wealthy and miserable. People have an abundance of money, yet still are unhappy.

    Some people enjoy being wealthy and miserable or should I say comfortable an miserable. Going to there undesirable jobs making enough or more money to cover their living expenses, but are they happy? I guess they are when the week is done an they receive their pay checks.  On the other hand, some people dedicated their entire time on their passion and don't bring in much income, but to them they are happy and fulfilled. To them they are rich in a sense that they know one day all their work will pay off an bring in an abundance of wealth, unlimited wealth.  Once you find your purpose in life you will want to dedicated most of your time and energy trying to perfect it so that it can benefit you an others. So who are you meant to be? What is your destiny? What drives you to move forward?

  For a long time I knew what I was meant to do. I envision myself as a writer one day I just never water the seed enough to grow. I did these 9-5 jobs that pay me for the day and I didn't feel complete as a person, something was missing. I knew it was a possibility that I can get laid off, fired or fall sick an I won't be getting paid indefinitely. Now your passion is what pays you indefinitely if you work at it, love what you're doing and share it with the world. It feels good to have something you can call your own. Just knowing that it's your decision to fire yourself from your job, take a vacation, come and go as you please or continue to create value.  Unfortunately, we do not have enough time to work towards our passion and work full time. It's either you work part time an dedicate most of your energy working towards your dreams  or the other way around, if you prefer the conventional way of earning money.

  I never want to work again like most other people, but under different circumstances it's a necessity in life or is it really? Like in everything else we have been programmed to think working is the only way to get ahead, to succeed, travel and live life to the fullest. On the contrary, living life is having the freedom to do all those things without working more than we suppose to. Be inspired to change an take risk!

  Your hopes and dreams  is your passion, what you think of first thing In the morning. What pushes you through the day, what you spend the most time on without looking at your clock every hour is your passion. That's what you should be doing everyday, all day in order to be fulfilled. Remember, some people may go against you if you start investing more time in your dreams. They may try an deter you but it's up to you to stay focus. What do you?

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