Saturday, June 11, 2016

How To Make Every Day Count

    How many times we heard " there's not enough time in the day"? All of us I'm assuming. If only we can find the time to do this an that and complete this project, we be a little happier. To appreciate the amazing gift of today. By living the way we want and not by how others want us to live. We all have a purpose in life and once we embrace our own purpose in life we can change the lives around us. Adding value to someone else life is deeply satisfying an purpose-driven. That's making every day count, every hour, and every minute of our lives.

  I don't know about your, but time is so precious to me. How we spend our days is important because we can't get that time back. Making time for our love ones, our commitment to our jobs and finding time for ourselves can be a bit much. Balance is important in order to make time for all. Here is some of the ways I try to make every day count.

      I pray every morning, write or exercise. As a matter of fact do what ever it is that you do that gets your day started in a positive, influential way. Make contact with your family if you live with them or without them.  Let them know how much you love them, your actions mean everything.  Let them know you're thinking of them. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about- Wendy Mass. This is so important in life, we as people are so quick to judge especially for what we see on the outside. I guess it's human nature but it's not serving your purpose in life by judging or is it counting your blessings. Getting to know a person and their struggles before judging is actually helping that person in a meaningful way.

  Our biggest enemy for some is getting through the work day. How do we count our blessing and make every day count when we dread going to work? We'll for one, think about those who can't get up and out there beds on their own to go to work. Some people are dependant on others to help. They wish they can go to work, enjoy the sun, the rain, and the snow as much as we can. When I think of life in that way I do less complaining and be extra thankful.

  Lastly, an most important is finding time for ourselves. Neglecting yourself is the worse you can do for yourself an everyone else around you. You can't find time to help someone without helping yourself first.

      1.  Do what makes you feel good, like relaxing at the spa

     2.   Ride a bike alone or with a friend, to connect

     3.   Take a weekend get away if time permits an take it alone. Recommended for both men an women.

  It's essential to reconnect with your self. Making every day count is all about taking care yourself first to be able to help another. You made time for yourself, your family and you appreciate the things some people can't do like going to work an doing what makes you happy. I hope this post helps in every way possible as much as it helped me writing it. Remember, it only takes a smile a day to bring life to someone else's.

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