Saturday, June 18, 2016

Is jealousy really worth it? Or your happiness?

     I don't know how many times we as humans feel jealousy in our lives. That "greened eyed monster" that can consume our bodies an eat us up like a disease. Who wants to constantly feel that pressure, that constant envy in our lives. Some people experience jealously heavily an others not so much and some not at all. In any case, it's not a pleasant feeling to have.  I've come to realize jealousy come from numerous reasons an it can be conquered to live a content an satisfying life.  Just know that everyone is unique, with their own ability to be different. Comparing is the number one culprit of jealousy. So whats the solution to that problem?

      1.  Less comparing an more working on yourself.

      2.  Accept yourself as is.

      3.  Love yourself more.

     4.   If you're not happy with your life don't live through someone else's, make yours exceptional!

   Don't be afraid to find out the real you. Some people are afraid to discover something wonderful about themselves, like I was. Jealousy will make you think your less than someone else, that you can't do any better when you can do better, plus more. Just two months ago I realize how extremely smart I am, not to sound arrogant. I just know I'm intelligent enough to provide something valuable to your, something that would make you think twice about your current situation. Might I add I'm not perfect, I'm growing everyday as I write everyday. That include not getting jealous anymore, because I know what I'm capable of and who I am as an individual, so should YOU. Jealousy can make you feel and think something that's not even happening. Initially, your programming your mind to think something you shouldn't,

  I use to get jealous over a boyfriend having female friends when at the end of the day he was with me. So why am I getting jealous when he chose to be with me and why am I getting jealous over his friends. What's wrong with having friends? If he/ or she is mature enough they ultimately will make a wise decision. An that is to be with the one they chose to be with from the beginning. YOU!  Check out,  Alienation also happens a lot when your feeling jealous of someone else happiness. It will make you think long an hard about your own life and what you think you're doing wrong. I feel sometimes being around someone who has more an want more is great to surround yourself with because it motivates you to excel. I mention something similar to this in a previous article of mines. " Finding your passion" just remember just because something is working out great for some else do not mean it will for you. Be exceptional at what you do and have them thinking WOW! How can I get there.

 Sometimes having too many friends can create envy as well. That feeling of not having what your friend or even a family member have that you want. Don't worry about how that person got it, you worry about how you can get it, if that's what you really want. Be a go-getter in life! don't let fear paralyze you. You're  just as good as them, probably better. I have friends who enjoyed my company an I couldn't seem to understand why. I really felt like I had nothing to offer but that I was always there to hang out. Yes, I am carefree, spontaneous and used to be a daredevil  so that help. Come to find out I was great at giving advice as well.

 I was providing something to them, helping them go through life everyday. I didn't think it was good enough but to them it was because they always came back for more. So what I'm trying to get at here, is that you are important and your needed more than you account yourself  for. You have something that no on else has and that's being YOU. Don't think twice about if your good enough, know that you are good enough! No need to feel jealous over any one anymore. Be your own person even if it takes lots of mental work to convince yourself you are. Eventually you will believe you are.

  Be happy with yourself and accept yourself as is. Most importantly stay humble and jealousy can be a little tick than can easily be removed.. I hope I put a smile on your face today because you are uniquely YOU.    Hope to hear from you, leave comments or questions.

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