Friday, June 3, 2016

Official Summer

    Summer is officially here, that only mean bright colors an clear blue waters. It's the time of year to do what we said where going to do but couldn't in the winter. To finally reach higher heights in our lives an accomplish those goals,at the same time still have fun in the sun.
         I don't know about your but I have a lot to accomplish that's been put off for some years now. Yes! Due to laziness an procrastinating.  Something I have to change immediately, probably many of us. Most people live in the now stages, you know "living in the moment" so much to the point where nothing gets done. I can definitely vouch for that. I find that setting a routine in the morning actually does work an maybe it will work for you if not already. So here is my helpful tips for you. Let's accomplish those goals together.

 Read something positive every morning.

Reading something positive or watching something enlightening. Eliminate the tube early in the morning, the news is depressing an can dampen the spirit without us realizing it. It is design to deplete our energy before our day even starts.

.  Light stretching in the morning is helpful. It's providing openness an blood circulation before facing the day. Sometimes working out alone can be boring so involving someone else can be enjoyable an more fulfilling.

. Have breakfast that's going to provide energy for the start of your day an not give you a crash within the next hour.

Take brisk walks to work instead of transportation.

 We wake up with the feeling of not going into work, so walking is a good start to getting your energy up. The whole point is to prevent feeling lazy an stop procrastinating, an mild exercising is the answer.
. Power walking during midday is excellent

. Hitting the gym during your lunch break is another option. I have a cousin who spends her lunch breaks in the gym an she feels motivated to finish her day at work. Hey girlie!

 Be productive...

When we get into the routine of things, that is being productive. It's setting a foundation for the day.
It's not multi-tasking which can sometimes prevent us from completing one task first. If we can focus on one job first than move on to the next project, 80% of what we said we would do, be done.

.  Create a list, a short list. I say a short list because writing down a long list never gets completed for a number of reasons.
 A. Long lists is like multi- tasking, when we get frustrated on one task we jump to the next instead of trying to just focus, take a break, an get the job done.
 B. When writing a long list most people give up all together an don't even finish. They are burn-out. Many of times I created a long list an said " this is what I'm going to do" an never attempt to complete what I said I would, an back to square again.  So create a short productive!

Upgrade your circle of friends

Some may take an offense to this an others may not but the whole purpose of blogging is to be truthful an helpful. Like the old saying " you are what you eat" same thing goes for the company you keep. Personally I have people in my life who did nothing for me an that's partially my fault an than I have friends I can't even keep up with, an this motivates me to step up my game. It's entirely up to you who you surround yourself with, I would never disowned any of them after so long but I would limit my time with them instead.

.  Sometimes friends can be an distraction, how you suppose to accomplish anything when your friends interrupt your life to hang out constantly, or to follow their dreams. Don't you have dreams of your own? Don't you have your own life to live? An I'm just realizing this after 35 years on this earth. Let me rephrase that, I been was living my own life but I was living out others people dreams more than my own or at least I was trying to.

A.  Be who you are an live for yourself that's the only way to be productive as an individual. People have different schedules, different circumstances going on that requires a different lifestyle entirely. So focus on YOU!

B.  Try not to "keep up with the joneses" Pretending or trying to have something you don't can really hurt you an your pockets, if you know what I mean; but upgrading your friends from the circle you normally hang with wouldn't hurt either. That's one of the ways you can learn an grow, meet new people an see new things.

5. Now Happier an Fullfilled

I think we can now say once we accomplished what we put off for so long, we can relax an enjoy the summer officially with our friends, an possible new friends because it's that time of year to keep a smile on our face an live a simpler life. Do you agree?



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