Saturday, July 23, 2016

Are you earning what you deserve?

So I'm sorry it took me a long time to post a new article. I have been quite busy trying to juggle a lot. I join Avon, so now I'm an Avon representative/ independent consultant. Avon is about empowering woman all over, a community of women all over the world that helps boost our confidence and teaches us financial independence; something I bring up quite often in my blogs. To do something that you enjoy in order to become successful. So I think this maybe a good turn around for me and you as well. You can visit my e store to buy an sell. If you order online on my website your orders will ship directly to your door and greatly appreciated. You can create the life you want as well.

 So Are you earning what you deserve? Many people are working and not completely happy with what they take home. I discussed in "Lead a happy life" post about doing what you love if you are not currently happy. We all know it takes courage and not fear to take that leap of faith to do what makes us happy. The main reason a lot of people are not taking that leap of faith is because of money fears, lack of money to invest or afraid to lose money. They start off not making what they expected, but that takes time and dedication of course.  I read an interesting post called "5 tips to earn more money"  we all like to do what we love at our own leisure. To make that happen it takes time, it won't be an overnight success but it can be done.  Here's how:

Offer value. What I mean by that is offer your best work, the best information you can share that will benefit your clients. Give them solutions to their problems. Initially that's what we all want, to better our current situation. If we offer value and not price in the beginning you are developing a trustworthy clientele. They will continue to come back for more information. Sooner or later you will start earning what you deserve by doing what you love. Everything takes patience, dedication and motivation.

I can't stress enough to do what you love or at least like, to succeed. So many times I did jobs that just didn't make me happy so it became dreadful and literally made me sick. I couldn't take it no more to the point I prefer to be broke and happy than earn a little something at a job that made me unhappy. You can become successful doing something you really enjoy doing. Whether it's making and selling jewelry or art, teaching a dance class, maybe teach a sewing class or design clothes. Whatever it is you are good at you should do and earn what you deserve. Not from some mediocre job that does not pay you for the value you put out.  If you delivering good value and solutions to their problems you should get something back that amounts to your efforts.

Be passionate and really love what you do is very important.  You are motivated to do something you love right? When we are patience and dedicated to all the hard work that's put out, dreams will unfold into something beautiful. Your life will feel uncomplicated and almost effortless. It's almost as if your not working so hard anymore because you are finally doing something you was suppose to do from the beginning.

I hope this post helps you as much as it has helped me. You are my biggest supporters and motivators. A smile a day don't cost a thing if you can help someone else.

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