Saturday, July 2, 2016

Coffee Talk!!

So sometimes I may switch it up an talk random things, Blah Blah Blah. Fridays at Barney's and sipping some brew. Although, I'm not a huge fan of coffee I do like an occasional of that sweet creamy highly addictive brew.  Makes me feel not healthy but in a good way, if that make any sense. I guess to the loyal coffee drinkers it would.  People that I meet will ask, Do you drink coffee? An my answer will disturb them in a way as if my answer should have been yes, but I have my reasons why I don't indulge in coffee everyday unlike most people. Hey, whatever makes you happy and whatever makes me happy is my motto. :).  If i do have an occasional drink I would consider an ice brew, it's refreshing and it can be watered down to my liking; so I won't get highly addictive like every other loyal coffee drinker.

I find it so appealing to hear people complain as if they going to die without their morning coffee. Really? Maybe I shouldn't talk because my mom laughs at me when I can't go to sleep without a cup of hot chamomile tea. It relaxes my body after a stressful day, a relaxing day for that matter. It's a daily evening habit I can live without but prefer not to live without. So maybe I shouldn't knock your coffee drinkers out there, but I would say there are some good benefits of drinking coffee and bad of course. But I will deal with the good since my blog is based on making people feel good about everyday life.

We all know coffee do have some antioxidants that is good for the brain and heart. Researches, claims coffee is good for cardiovascular health and lowers the risk for heart disease and diabetes. coffee does offer some good benefits if consume the right way, not so much sugar an cream. I'm still going to sip my daily cup of hot tea every night but on occasion a cup of coffee won't hurt. Some coffee OVER HERE PLEASE! How do you like your coffee?

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