Friday, July 15, 2016

Fridays at Barney's

   I mention spending Fridays at Barney's in my coffee talk blog post.  It's my escape from reality, I don't necessarily go to Barney's to shop, I'm more of a  Bloomingdales type of girl plus the prices are a little more affordable on a good day. Spending a day at Barney's is a breathe of fresh air, sitting down in the cafe with an ice coffee and writing is a good thing, even window shopping for rockstyle items. Who said you can't sit in Barney's  and not purchase anything? I wish I can afford $2000.00 pair of shoes. Even If I did, I won't spend it on just shoes, it would be a few items to splurge on. I never use to understand why people would splurge so much on luxury items and it kind of disturb me in a way. As I got older I can now say why not splurge?

You have one life to live and if you can spend thousand of dollars throughout the year on coffee and fine dining, why not invest that money on luxury items, especially if you can sell back in times of an emergency.  That's why it's an investment. You can always buy to sell if you ever need the money. There are so many sites to sell your luxury pieces.  There's Posh, Vinted, Mercari, Tradesy and more. People sell there items back in hopes to purchase another favorite designer.

 Louis plus my Burberry love. Gucci and Chanel luxury brands are iconic and are timeless pieces. If you purchase they will never go out of style, EVER! Not only that but you really are saving money, by investing in luxury items than by purchasing randoms over an over once it falls apart. I learn the hard way, I think I rather be without or with something really worth it. Remember Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's? Well she is we'll known for carrying a Louis Vuitton speedy bag in 1965.  She look effortless an classy. A simple trench coat and heels with a speedy bag, you can't go wrong. I spent so much money on random no name brands, not saying that these items are a waste of money but I feel that it loses it's shape and the wear an tear happens quickly. Even some name brands like kate spade that I purchase from Nordstrom wore out after two years.  Just two years. It's only smart to purchase a bag that will last forever, but if you like to waste money purchasing items that really has no value be my guest. I know I won't anymore. I just spend my Fridays in Barney's until one day I can afford a good bag. Hopefully before I turn 40 I be able to purchase the ever so famous Chanel bag.

The point is to be tenacious in everything that brings you joy, so that one day you can afford luxury items or to just do what ever makes you happy daily. I'm preaching to myself as well. So Fridays at Barney's can be more than just window shopping.

Ok going totally off topic, but I think I need to start vlogging as well because my blogs feel like a conversation between me myself and I and of course my readers. Leave me any comments below, anything you like or dislike. I take constructive criticism, it's all apart of learning.

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