Friday, July 8, 2016

Should we save money when life is so short?

That is really a good question because on contrary life is actually long.  Some people believe in living in the moment; going with the flow because we can't predict our time on earth.  So why save when we can just spend on frivolous things that would make us temporarily happy. Well for one, is because life is  actually longer unless a freak accident occurs.  When people assume something will happen, nothing does and will still be broke well into their seventies. I say seventies because that's the average life expectancy, but who wants to be working until their seventy.  I certaintly don't.

There are still seventy year olds working part time because their pensions and social security isn't enough to make ends meet. When really they should be enjoying life, no stress, and no rules. So saving is actually worth doing even when you feel life may take its toll and come to end. That is the reason we are saving, because life is very unpredictable. Not only are you saving for your future but for emergencies, expenses and maybe you just want to travel. You're basically investing in yourself and that's the best place to invest. I know saving first hand can be tedious and frustrating but I can assure you once you get into the habit of saving, it becomes addictive.  You may find that you pay yourself even more if your salary allows it; more than the 10% everyone saves.

There is a 365 day money challenge everyone is participating in that encourages everyone to save a nickel or a penny at a time. I myself have participated to see what all the hype is about.  Visit by Amanda Stewart. Basically by the end of the year you will have accumulate a little over $667.95 . I understand getting a second job will allow you to make that before the year ends, but for those who don't have the time for a second job to bring in extra income; this challenge is an awesome way to save. You learning to save each day rather than biweekly or monthly. I might add its fun and motivating.  We have to save, unfortunately I started a little late not embarrass to say but it's never to late. Some money is better than no money at all.  Save a little, spend a little or save a little and spend a lot :) some afternoon humor. In any case saving is vital like the air we breathe

Like I mention earlier life is unpredictable. Having that safety net for emergencies, such as losing your job, falling sick, anything in that matter will help you feel secured. It gives you some financial freedom to do what you need and want. Maybe you want to quit your job or leave your job for a while to try something else or live somewhere else. I'm considering that for next year, or the next two years. I would love to live in another country for six months to a year. I still get a little homesick in my thirties, so maybe just six months:)  Life may seem short with all the turmoil going on but really it is long and extra long with no money to fall on. Let me know how you save money, what are your challenges? We all need to invest in ourselves to be better individuals. To live how we want and deserve to live as humans. If we are slaving each day at work we should be enjoying life as well.

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  1. Your so true on so many levels... Seems like nowadays we slave at these jobs to get paid to just maintain or get by ... And we purchase these temporary things to feel good temporarily.. it's hard to save nowadays.. with the media brainwashing us to buy everything that looks good as if that would make us appealing to others we're trying to attract.. lol I find this very very insightful and positive to those who can't save and it gives hope..and you gave a positive alternative to saving money