Saturday, August 13, 2016


 Midnight Blues

She comes in twelve midnight
with the blues
half drunk and corrupted
yet so confused
She drops on the couch
and pops a Marlbos cigarette
in her mouth
and a cloud of smoke fills the room
Mmmmm... She says to herself
Where's my man?
and here he comes
with his fedora hat, long black jacket
and his cane; fired up as he wanna be
he drops to the floor
and his red wine slowly escapes his hands

They got the blues..both of them
her an her man.

Poetry are emotions in the time being. I wrote this in the year 2000, it makes sense to the person who writes it and for the reader to interpret however you feel.  It's funny to me because when I look back and read I said where did the red wine come from?  and normally red wine is a drink women have. I guess at the moment he had the wine when I was writing and it just flowed that way. I hope this random long awaited blog put a smile on your face today.