Monday, November 14, 2016

Sex, Lies and the Art of Depression

  Depression is a serious mental and emotional disease that can wreck havoc on the body.  Everything is spiraling out of control in an unhealthy way. I suffered from mild depression in my earlier years,as mention in my previous articles. When I was in a sad state of mind it led many lies, I lied to gain sympathy from friends and loved ones. It made me feel better, I wanted to be center of attention. Sex or intimacy with someone was another outlet to numb the pain I was feeling within myself., so how does someone cope with this problem? It wasn't easy nor is it easy for anyone today suffering from depression. Anything can be overcome even with its challenges if one just alter their way of thinking.  Training your mind to think the right way, so your actions follow.

 Reading, praying or what ever it is that you do to develop positive thoughts. This is what a person suffering from depression needs in order to overcome sadness or any type of doubt they feel within themselves.

Abusing your mind, soul and body makes depression worse even if it temporarily makes you feel good.  Having a sound mind, having peace of mind, knowing that everything will work out and that you are important will stir way of confusion and doubt. It will bring light to your life. You won't need approval from anyone, you be so content and confident in yourself. When you come to terms that everyone has flaws and refuse to compare, all your negative thoughts, discouragement and despair will be defeated. YOU can do this!  It takes mental strength and love for your self.

Here is a few reminders to help you overcome depression...

 Taking responsibility that your situation is not good.

 Examine your own problems before anything.

  Know that only you can rescue YOU!

  Understand that self pity will make matters worse.

 Taking responsibility for your actions and your life is crucial in managing depression, because you are taking steps to keeping yourself mentally healthy.   You have examine your own problems and know that only you can help YOU. Come to terms that self pity or sympathy from a love one is actually detrimental to your health, because they only will be enabling you instead of giving tough love.  Remembering that other peoples opinions does not define you. Be happy with yourself, love yourself and be content with what you have going on in your life.

You will never feel alone or not complete. You won't fill the need to resort to sex with someone else. You won't feel empty inside anymore or won't feel the need to lie to make others feel sorry for you. Instead you will fill whole, loved by the universe and have love for yourself most importantly.
Depression can be manage if you look deep within yourself and realize everything will be ok.

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