Monday, January 23, 2017

How relationships can save your life?

   Relationships is a stepping stone to how you want to be treated and how you treat others. I cant recall how many times a friend save my life with the help of God of course. Although some people perfer to be loners and be in solitude, which I consider myself at times; relationships can certainly teach you how to engage with others and build better versions of themselves. So how can relationships save your life? As a person who suffer mild depression I can say relationships,such as with my family and friends, and even boyfriends have made me a more grounded person. When I had issues with my boyfriends I vent to my girlfriends, they were my escape. They kept me centered as a woman. Having relationships teach you how to balance your life.

   Relationships with family is important as well. They are always your foundation, someone who always have your back. I can only say this to those who have relationships with their family or have a family at all. They will be brutally honest with you and sometimes the truth hurts. My dad is like that as well as my than boyfriend. I would ask their opinion on something  or they will just tell me something I should have done an I would get offended. Although, I know it will benefit me in the long run or make me a better person. You cant do everything on your own, sometimes you need opinions from others, and the help from others to grow as an person. Good criticism is important, its constructive criticism.

   I have a friend, lets just say her name is karrine. She would call me or be somewhere when I was in trouble or in need of help. She always came on time. I known her for about fifteen years now, she really is a good friend. Me and her have a good relationship, where as we don't need to see each other everyday or speak everyday to prove our friendship. When we do see each other its as if we never left each other. Those are the best relationships to have, that's the relationship that save my life whether she knows it or not.  I am not saying being a loner is the worst thing, because like i mention earlier sometimes I like spending my days in solitude.

     There is nothing wrong with solitude. Its the reason that I am alone a lot that saved my relationships as well. How can i explain this? when you spend time alone you learn more about yourself. You are able to think and become one with yourself. Alone time is the best time to me. When you are among people constantly, you will never know who you really are and what you're capable of.
      Once your able to be alone and feel comfortable with yourself you really wont find it necessary to be around people all the time, but when you do surround yourself with others its rejuvenating. A breathe of fresh air. You will know when its time to remove yourself to recharge and come back. That's the best feeling when you are able to be with friends, having the relationships you have and than go back into solitude to recharge. I think that is what you call and ambivert/ introvert. I know many people don't like to identify themselves in that way; but to give an example. There you go.

   I consider myself an introvert most of the times because I do need peace to recharge myself. Even with my relationships with my family and friends, I find I need to go in hiding after awhile to think and processed my thoughts. I honestly get overwhelmed and distracted. To reach my full potential, I need to be alone most of the times. That way when I do surround myself with family and friends they have my attention. Hope I am not going off topic here, but relationships and being alone plays an important role together. So really I guess the topic should be how being alone and relationships can save your life? what do you think? Do you consider yourself and ambivert introvert/extrovert? Do you enjoy being alone majority of the times or do you enjoy the company of others? And have your relationships save your life in anyway, as it did for me?
   Remember relationships are important to have a balanced life, well in my opinion. It brings joy, love sometimes sorrow but most importantly it teaches you the value of life.


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