Friday, March 3, 2017

So long New York...

   No more congested streets of New York City, no more annoying honking horns and polluted air that have me thinking I just got diagnosed with asthma. Right now its all stress free might I add more sunny and fresh open air most mornings. It's not that I don't love New York anymore because its always going to be home away from home but right now in this point in my life I need time to think, relax and enjoy some me time and I feel anywhere out New York at this moment has a lot to offer as far as restoring myself. Time to recuperate and regroup. Your probably wondering where in the world I moved to, well Florida is where I relocated. Palm trees, sunny skies, and more friendly people. Sometimes it reminds me of LA. 
So far I'm enjoying rising without a care in the world, such as not rushing to work anymore or not having enough time to prepare breakfast. How annoying was that? Anyone living in New York can totally related. In reality I'm obsessed with the city, I love New York "Breakfast at Tiffany's" made its mark there; but right now its too cold and too crazy for me. The hustle and bustle of New York drove me away, too competitive in a lot of ways. Just give me New York in the summer, the free concerts, the block parties that officially died out years ago and the convenience of walking to the bodega for an everything bagel toasted with cream cheese. New York is a go-getter atmosphere, the big apple. In terms of getting ahead in life the fast way; and there's nothing wrong with that if you enjoy the rushing, getting bumped into and competitiveness that comes with rejections often. I know it may seem like I'm pointing out the negatives of living in New York but trust me its only because I'm tired of the city. At least right now I am, otherwise New York has a lot of perks that I haven't even taken advantage of.

      A big city, a beautiful city that never sleeps. If you want to go out in the middle of the night to meet with friends, bars will still be open. If you want to give a chance at auditioning for the next colgate commercial, why not give it a shot. If you want to make friends with an homeless person in the subways you have a better shot at that too. I'm just saying there is endless possibilities living in the big city. "If you can make it in New York City you can make it anywhere" the old saying. However, in some cases I don't think that is necessarily true. People adapt to differently, move differently and progress differently in different situations. The city may be too fast for someone where they get left behind and Florida may just be right for them as far as getting ahead in life and more effectively; so far I feel Florida has done good for me. I accomplished more in two months than i did in years living in New York. However, I'm glad I was born and raise in a city that never sleeps, I met good friends there, fell in love with a wonderful man, made mistakes that we all must make as humans, was cast as an extra in a commercial and a movie, partied hard, went to the best block parties in the nineties. I definitely found my mark in the city plus more that I cant even imagine but if you ask anyone that I know I'm sure they can share a story of me. So long New York until next time, you will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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