Saturday, May 27, 2017

Gentlemen of a Scholar

 So today was my five year old nephews graduation from Preschool. Although it wasn't a college graduation, it certainly felt like one. Cap and gowns, drinks and cake, performance, pictures taken and speeches made it feel as if he was graduating from Spelman . Either way it was a good overwhelming feeling; and i'm sure he felt the same as well. You wouldn't think many people would participate in such an event for young children, because they have so far to go in life. I assure you to me this is one of the most important events because its an stepping stone and the beginning of a child's life. You never know what young children are thinking today and by you being present in such an important event means the world to them; more than you expect.
You hear the old saying when it comes to parents and children, "being present is more important than giving gifts" Children remember who was present in the life than who bought what. This is most certainly true. They never ever forget, and on top of that will certainly point out and remind you. So the evening of his graduation 5.24.17 was memorable because he is a gentlemen of a scholar. My uncle gave him this name because academically he is very studious, very inquisitive young man, very interested in learning anything new and fascinating to him. I'm a proud aunt. He makes me a better person because first off he taught me a lot of patience; something i did lack. My nephew Jordan wants me to always teach him something new and at the same time i'm learning myself, so how great is that.

Of course my other nephew was there watching his big brother move on in life and accomplished greater things; he is next himself. I'm not sure he understood at four years old what what was going on, but he knew it was and important day because the family was together; and for sure knows that his brother left preschool. Kindergarten here comes Jordan; the most smartest, influential and persuasive young man known to live. Yes at five he possess all these qualities, and he knows it smh. I know you will do extraordinary in your future endeavors because your an phenomenal young man and young scholar. Auntie and everyone who loves you want you to continue to reach for the stars! We all should encourage our young people to reach for the stars and to do better than what we did or doing at the moment; because it only gets better!